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Become a member of the Fire Department Training Network, the fire service's #1 training advocate and the only membership organization that is truly devoted to the training needs of today's firefighters. FDTN provides a collective voice for members of the fire service who believe that training is the key to safe and successful fireground operations.

FDTN membership puts you in touch with other dedicated professionals, like yourself, who know that training is the key to a successful career in the fire service. As an FDTN member you’ll have direct access to leaders in the fire service involved with realistic fireground training to network with, exchange ideas, and solve problems. Your professional connections developed through FDTN will help you make the right training and operational decisions throughout your career and will help enhance every aspect of your fireground operations.


Monthly Training Newsletter & Training Package

ftsmThe Fire Department Training Network publishes FIRE TRAINING and the FIRE TRAINING Interactive Department Trainer and is the major source of realistic fireground and reality-based training material in the fire service. Join or renew your membership today to stay current and up-to-date with the latest training news and information affecting today's firefighters, fireground, and fireground operations.

FIRE TRAINING, the Fire Department Training Network’s monthly training magazine is dedicated to improving firefighting skills – both on the fireground and in the firehouse. Each issue contains nuts-and-bolts training material that can be used immediately. Topics include training, engine and truck operations, company officer leadership, fireground strategy and tactics, and more.

In addition, Department Members receive the FIRE TRAINING Interactive Department Trainer, a complete monthly lesson plan which provides comprehensive, street-smart, training sessions. Each turn-key monthly package includes a complete training outline, 3 hands-on drill sessions, a 2-page student handout, a review test, and all other information needed to conduct the training. 

Only Department Members receive online login credentials.


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Individual Membership ~ US ~ $60.00/yr  

Individual Membership ~ Non-US ~ $120.00/yr 

Individual Membership benefits include receiving your personal copy of FDTN’s monthly FIRE TRAINING; email updates and training tips via FDTN News Online and FDTN Training Updates; discounts on FDTN publication, and discounted registration in any of FDTN’s training courses, seminars and conferences.


Department Membership ~ US ~ $300.00/yr 

Department Membership ~ Non-US ~ $420.00/yr 

Department Membership benefits include all of those associated with FDTN’s Individual Membership, plus: the FIRE TRAINING Interactive Department Trainer, a monthly training plan devoted to a single fireground topic.

FDTN’s highly-acclaimed and widely-used monthly training package is designed to assist your training department by providing a monthly training package designed around reality-based fireground operations.

Each FIRE TRAINING Interactive Department Trainer provides a session overview, resource list, reference list, and detailed training/lesson plan to be used by company officers and department trainers. In addition, each Trainer includes a Hands-On Activity guide (providing 3 separate hands-on training scenarios), a Student Handout that allows students to refresh and review the highlights, and a short test.


Additional Membership Benefits

  • Email News and Training Tips: Register your email address for free access to FDTN News online and emailed copies of FDTN FIRE TRAINING Updates.
  • Training Publications & DVDs: Members receive discounts on all FDTN products including, FireNotes Training Manuals, FIRE TRAINING Interactive Department Trainers past issues, FDTN Training Drill Volumes, and Training DVDs.
  • Training Courses & Seminars: Members receive discounted registration to all FDTN Training Courses and Seminars, Conferences, and much more!

FDTN Membership is the most affordable training and career development value in today’s fire service.