About the Fire Department Training Network


The Fire Department Training Network is a 501 (c) 3, not-for-profit, membership organization dedicated to promoting, providing, and advancing the fireground training needs of today’s firefighters. FDTN carries out its mission through its monthly training magazine, street-smart training books and videos, realistic fireground training courses, and the operation of its state-of-the-art National Fireground Training Academy.

FIRE TRAINING, the Fire Department Training Network’s monthly training magazine is dedicated to improving firefighting skills – both on the fireground and in the firehouse. Each issue contains nuts-and-bolts training material that can be used immediately. Topics include training, engine and truck operations, company officer leadership, fireground strategy and tactics, and more. In addition, the FIRE TRAINING Interactive Department Trainer, an exclusive benefit of Department Membership, is a complete monthly lesson plan which provides comprehensive, street-smart, training sessions. Each turn-key monthly package includes a complete training outline, 3 hands-on drill sessions, a 2-page student handout, a review test, and all other information needed to conduct the training. 

The Fire Department Training Network also publishes a complete library of training manuals, including the successful FireNotes series, comprehensive training packages, training DVDs, and complete instructor packages — all designed by firefighters who know what it takes to succeed on the fireground. The Network has developed nationally-recognized curriculum packages for Engine Company Operations, Truck Company Operations, Rapid Intervention Team Operations, and the Fireground Company Officer. The curriculum packages are available through first-hand delivery courses, Train-the-Trainer programs, and stand-alone packages. 

The National Fireground Training Academy is FDTN’s state-of-the-art, 50-acre, firefighting academy located near Indianapolis, Indiana. The Academy operates multiple training and burn buildings designed to replicate most fireground situations encountered by firefighters during actual responses. All buildings are designed to provide students with the most realistic fireground training environment possible.

The Fire Department Training Network has conducted courses to firefighters from all 50 states and many countries around the world. FDTN's Rapid Intervention Teams training curriculum has been taught to thousands of firefighters and has been delivered to many of the nation's military firefighters, both on location and at FDTN's Academy.