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Live-Fire Training Camp

Real fireground skills under Real fireground conditions.
Learning the Job by Doing the Job
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The Incident Tactics System

by Bob Pressler, Lieutenant (retired) – FDNY

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ITS ImageThe introduction of the Incident Command System (ICS) has lead to fireground operations being more efficiently managed. Unfortunately the ICS will manage the operation even if the tactics that are being employed are incorrect and sometimes even dangerous to our operating companies.

The Incident Tactics System (ITS) is being developed so that Fire Departments that use the ICS to manage their fires will also have a system in place to help them select and manage the tactics that are needed to successfully bring the incident under control.

The “ITS” identifies the tactics needed to operate on the fireground by breaking down the typical fires that most departments respond to. The fires are classified by the expected resources needed to safely and efficiently bring the operation under control and, through the system, to expand the tactics as the incident conditions change. The tactics that are identified are not to be considered the hard and fast solution to all fire problems but are meant to try to help give a starting point for both a tactical approach to fire attack and a training program, to get the desired results.

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FDTN Academy Tour

Here's a quick look at FDTN's National Fireground Training Academy. If you haven't been here we hope to see you this year. The academy is constantly being updated and expanded to provide you the most realistic fireground training available.



FDTN's Designing, Constructing, & Operating Container-Based Training Props Course

2016 DSGN

The Fire Department Training Network is known for its functional use of shipping containers to provide some of the most realistic fireground training available to today's firefighters. FDTN's National Fireground Training Academy currently operates 8 fully-functional container-based training props capable of creating both simulated and realistic fireground conditions for firefighters to practice and learn the skills needed during actual fireground operations.

This 3-day course is designed to assist departments who are ready to take their training to the next level by creating and operating container-based training props!

Training Blocks Include:

Design & Imagination — What You Really Can DoYOUR Training Needs AssessmentDesigning Props for Maximum ValueSingle and Multi-Container PropsProp Construction 101 — A Common Sense ApproachOperating Basics — Reality is the KeyContext-Based Training Props

Next course: November 13-15, 2017 course. Register today!

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