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Here's a quick look at the training that will be taking place next week at FDTN's National Fireground Training Academy. We'll be conducting our Engine Company Operations I and Truck Company Operations I courses along with our Designing, Constructing, & Operating Container-Based Training Props course.

For those who will be attending we're sure you'll have a great time, for those who can't make it we hope to see you later in the year. Enjoy!

TrngCampThe Fire Department Training Network's ALL-NEW Live-Fire Training Camp is filling up fast! The 3-day Training Camp features 6 blocks of live-fire training. Students will rotate through each 4-hour training block during the 3 day camp.

Training Blocks Include:

  • Firefighter Survival
  • Forcible Entry
  • Residential Basement Operations
  • Searching without a Line
  • Hoarder Conditions
  • Firefighter Rescue & RIT

Students will perform multiple repetitions of each skill under simulated and live-fire conditions. Each training block is designed to develop, build, and enhance decision making and muscle memory skills needed to perform at a high level during actual fireground operations. FDTN's Live-Fire Training Camp WILL get you into fireground shape—both mentally and physically!

Learn the Job by Doing the Job … It's the FDTN Way!

FGSkills smFDTN's Combat-Ready Fireground Skills Competition is going to be an amazing event series! Simply put, no keyboarding, no texting, no commenting, and no anonymous screen names to hide behind. You and your partner will have one way to make your statement…through your performance.

Each individual station will be timed and scored based on completion of the task! Speed comes from proficiency and rushing leads to mistakes. It's really not going to matter how big your department is, or whether you respond on an engine, truck or something else…ulitmately, performance is the only thing that matters. 

Fireground Skills Stations will include:

  • Forcible Entry
  • Search
  • Ladder Rescues
  • Fire Attack
  • VES
  • And a few more that are sure to put your skills to the test…

Regional event announcements will be coming soon so wanted to give everyone a heads-up to start honing their skills. The Combat-Ready Fireground Skills Competition will be made up of two-person teams…so start looking for your partner and perfecting your skills. At the end of the day it really is about performance and that only comes from knowing your job inside and out! Check back for details and make sure to get on our mailing list.

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Become a member of the Fire Department Training Network, the fire service's #1 training advocate, and the only membership organization that is truly devoted to the training needs of today's firefighters.

Take a look at this month's FIRE TRAINING and run through a few of the training sessions in the Department Trainer.

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by Bob Pressler, Lieutenant (retired) – FDNY

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ITS ImageThe introduction of the Incident Command System (ICS) has lead to fireground operations being more efficiently managed. Unfortunately the ICS will manage the operation even if the tactics that are being employed are incorrect and sometimes even dangerous to our operating companies.

The Incident Tactics System (ITS) is being developed so that Fire Departments that use the ICS to manage their fires will also have a system in place to help them select and manage the tactics that are needed to successfully bring the incident under control.

The “ITS” identifies the tactics needed to operate on the fireground by breaking down the typical fires that most departments respond to. The fires are classified by the expected resources needed to safely and efficiently bring the operation under control and, through the system, to expand the tactics as the incident conditions change. The tactics that are identified are not to be considered the hard and fast solution to all fire problems but are meant to try to help give a starting point for both a tactical approach to fire attack and a training program, to get the desired results.

We're gearing up for another great year at FDTN's National Fireground Training Academy. If you haven't been here we hope to see you this year. We have 3 new burn props under construction so we'll be able to provide even more live fire skill stations during each class. This year we've added the all-new Live-Fire Training Camp course, 3 days of nothing but live-fire skill stations to hone your skills under realistic conditions. We're also putting the finishing touches on our all-new Combat-Ready Fireground Skills Competition and will be releasing the schedule in the near future. Here's a quick tour of the academy!



2015 DSGN

The Fire Department Training Network is known for its functional use of shipping containers to provide some of the most realistic fireground training available to today's firefighters. FDTN's National Fireground Training Academy currently operates 8 fully-functional container-based training props capable of creating both simulated and realistic fireground conditions for firefighters to practice and learn the skills needed during actual fireground operations.

This 3-day course is designed to assist departments who are ready to take their training to the next level by creating and operating container-based training props!

Training Blocks Include:

  • Design & Imagination — What You Really Can Do
  • YOUR Training Needs Assessment
  • Designing Props for Maximum Value
  • Single and Multi-Container Props
  • Prop Construction 101 — A Common Sense Approach
  • Operating Basics — Reality is the Key
  • Context-Based Training Props

Spots are filling up fast in our April 19-21, 2015 course. Register today!

2015 CAT smTake a look at the 2015 Fire Department Training Network Product & Course Catalog!

Become a member of the Fire Department Training Network, the fire service's #1 training advocate and the only membership organization that is truly devoted to the training needs of today's firefighters. FDTN provides a collective voice for members of the fire service who believe that training is the key to safe and successful fireground operations. FDTN publishes FIRE TRAINING and the FIRE TRAINING Interactive Department Trainer and is the premier source of realistic fireground and reality-based training material in the fire service. Join today and stay current with the latest training news and information affecting today's firefighters, fireground, and fireground operations.

Learn the Job by Doing the Job … It's the FDTN Way!

Tower PostFDTN's 2015 Calendar is out and classes are filling up fast. April's Engine Company Operations I and Truck Company Operations I courses are almost full – don't wait if you're trying to get in! 

Registrations for the All-New Live-Fire Training Camp are much better than anticipated so don't wait too long if you want to get in on that one.

We've got some exciting new projects we're working and we're sure you won't be disappointed. Here's a hint…Don't you wish you could just tell someone Put Up or Shut Up, when they start telling you how good they are at doing something! Stay tuned!

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Learn the Job by Doing the Job … It's the FDTN Way!

FDTN Class Highlights

Classes are filling up fast. Start earning your Associates Degree in Fireground Operations today!

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Become a member of the fire service’s #1 training advocate and the only organization devoted to advancing the realistic training needs of today’s firefighters.


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2015 Calendar

FDTN's 2015 calendar is now available…and registration is open! We've added three new courses for next year: FDTN's Live-Fire Training Camp, Fireground Training Officer, and Commercial Building Fires.

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