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Live-Fire Training Camp – October 5-7, 2015

TrngCampThe Fire Department Training Network is excited to announce its ALL-NEW Live-Fire Training Camp! FDTN's 3-day Training Camp will feature 6 blocks of live-fire training — each focusing on performing actual fireground skills under intense and realistic conditions. Students will rotate through each 4-hour training block during the 3 day camp.

Training Blocks Include:

  • Firefighter Survival
  • Forcible Entry
  • Residential Basement Operations
  • Searching without a Line
  • Hoarder Conditions
  • Firefighter Rescue & RIT

Students will perform multiple repetitions of each skill under simulated and live-fire conditions. Each training block is designed to develop, build, and enhance decision making and muscle memory skills needed to perform at a high level during actual fireground operations. FDTN's Live-Fire Training Camp WILL get you into fireground shape—both mentally and physically!

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Fireground Communications

Mike Lombardo, Commissioner (retired) — Buffalo, NY, Fire Department

FT Comm


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Accurate, clear, communication is vital to the positive outcome of an emergency and the safety of members operating at an emergency. Providing accurate and clear communications on the fireground can offer some serious challenges, these challenges can be very dangerous for firefighters and those we are sworn to protect. These challenges can involve equipment as well as procedures and the human interaction with the entire communication process. Some reading this will disagree with certain points in the article, that’s fine, but remember our emergency communication is not the end but the means to help us protect the public and ourselves. 


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Trust in the Fire Service

Trustby Tim Klett, Lieutenant –– FDNY  

Webster’s Dictionary defines trust as: A deep belief or confidence in the honesty, integrity, reliability and justice, etc. in another person or thing. Within this definition there are words like confidenceintegrity and reliability which echo the true traditions and values that have been ingrained in the fire service since the first fire brigades of early America.

We must always remember that, in the end, trust is the fuel that runs the engine we passionately call the American Fire Service. Without it, we are simply a ship without a rudder. A ship drifting aimlessly without any clear direction or sense of self. Imagine the confusion, indecision and, most of all, hesitation that would exist on the fireground without trust. It’s important to realize the disastrous effect that any lack of trust would have on our fireground tactics—and ultimately the people we are sworn to protect.

When talking about trust it’s important to identify that there are many different types of trust found within our fire service life.

There is trust in your equipment. This type of trust includes knowing that your local municipality/department has equipped you with the latest and best equipment possible. Knowing, and trusting, in the integrity of your personal protective equipment—and the fact that it will do its job when it matters most—allows us to go places, and do things, that were previously thought impossible. Trust that the nozzle, saw and tools used everyday will perform as advertised—under the most adverse conditions possible—is essential. Understanding that daily maintenance and upkeep of the tools and equipment allows them to continue to operate as intended is vital to developing and maintaining this trust. We must be completely confident in the reliability of our tools—trusting that they are ready to perform at a moments notice, under any circumstance.


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Realistic Training for Realistic Results

Whether you would conduct this search or you wouldn't is ultimately a decision based on your training, experience, and the on-scene information presented. Either way, you'll only get one shot at it. We hope you're conducting this type of training, it really does make a difference! During your down time make sure to read Mike Lombardo's article "Searching Without a Line" in the April edition of FIRE TRAINING! ‪#‎FDTN‬‪#‎fdtraining‬‪#‎firetraining‬


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Searching Without a Line

CanSearchMike Lombardo, Commissioner (retired) -- Buffalo, NY, Fire Department

Risk analysis models influence much of the fireground decision making in the fire service today. But at times we are called to go against these models, act against the odds. The results of such actions are sometimes tragic and sometimes successful. Regardless of the outcome, the fire service must remember that we are a human service, and a standard set of rules or guidelines cannot always dictate the actions of firefighters who serve the public.

We were part of the full first-alarm assignment dispatched to a report of a fire on Townsend Street in Buffalo, New York. The assignment consisted of three engine companies, two truck companies, a rescue company, and a battalion chief.

Truck 11 arrived right behind Battalion 3; the fire was only two blocks from the unit’s quarters. It is a single unit stationed only with the chief; it carries no water and was staffed that evening with five firefighters and an officer. On arrival, the fire was observed venting from two doors and two windows on the number 4 side, from the first-floor rear apartment of this two-story wood-frame dwelling.

With very heavy fire venting from every opening on the number 4 side of the building except one and no engine company yet on location, the prudent decision would have been to await the arrival of an engine and the stretching of a line. However, there were also a frantic mother and father screaming that one of their children was not yet out of the apartment.


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